The Content Cure

Want to attract more clients and confidently create a winning coaching business by using content and social media? 

In 6-weeks, learn how to position yourself as an authority, build a pain-free content plan, confidently go live to share your message, get your ideal clients… without paid ads or a complicated website. 

Imagine If...

  • You could make an incredible income by helping your clients and doing what you’re meant to do.
  • You could attract high-paying clients who love your content and what you post on social media — who are clamoring to work with you.
  • You knew exactly how to share your expertise and share provide deep value to your ideal clients.
  • ​You confidently knew how to communicate your value and your message to your ideal potential clients
  • ​You could easily share your mission and get paid without fear of rejection
  • ​You could help more people and have referrals and testimonials pour in
  • ​You were able to become THE expert in your niche, have a recognizable brand, leave a lasting impact through your business and online 


... you were able to finally stop procrastinating to see true results in your business.
… you were able to talk about and sell your coaching services authentically and with confidence.
… you were able to create content that attracts your audience and helps them want to buy from you — content that sells
… you never had to feel overwhelmed or alone because you had weekly guidance and mentoring for when you feel “stuck”

Do you want to make all of these things happen, to make this your reality?
The Content Cure is your 6 week blueprint to achieve all of this and so much more. 

The Content Cure

Your 6 week blueprint to confidently creating content that works.

The Content Cure is a 6-week, mastermind-style course that helps you, step-by-step, grow your online coaching business by using content and social media. 

No matter your past experience, business knowledge, or the number of followers you have, The Content Cure is your guide to a winning coaching business that easily attracts clients online, offers unforgettable results, and helps you live a life of financial freedom and abundance. All without a complex website or spending thousands of dollars on ads.  

In The Content Cure’s mastermind-style course, you’ll be fully immersed into a community of other students from around the world who are here to learn, grow, support, contribute, and win… just like you. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know about branding, content creation, marketing, productivity systems, self-confidence, selling, and more through our detailed 6-module course. 

Every week, you’ll be trained on and given a new assignment to complete and by the end of your 6 weeks in the program, you’ll have a full system that cures your content woes and helps you confidently create content that converts. 

And if you start to feel stuck or have questions, we’ve got your back. 

In The Content Cure, you’ll have access to daily support inside our Slack community as well as weekly Q&A calls. Couple that with your weekly group coaching video calls on Zoom and you’ll gain the clarity you’ve been looking for, have the ability to troubleshoot any roadblocks you run into, and make rapid progress in your business. 

Additionally, when the program starts, you’ll be placed into an intimate group of other Content Cure members — so you have a deep system of mastermind-style accountability and support across several levels of the program. 

Long story short, in The Content Cure, we make it really hard to fail.

The Content Cure is the ideal blend of accountability, education you can take action on, and support. 

Our Members Are Getting Some Amazing Results

Erika increased her group to over 500 members and nearly tripled her income while implementing what she learned in the Content Cure!

Angie's background is in accounting, The Content Cure helped package her ideas to present to her audience.

Bryce was an excellent coach just getting started as a beginner in content creation for social media. After taking the Content Cure, he shares how he feels equipped to create content and confident in how to use social to promote his business and build trust.

Verena runs multiple businesses and needed help knowing how to create content that would work for both. She shares what she learned in the Content Cure and how it changed how she creates content.

Sabrina shares her experience in the Content Cure and the positive results she had with her brand and her business as she learned how to release the feelings of shutdown and overwhelm when it came to creating content.

Watch as Dustin shares how the Content Cure helped him take all the content he already had and structure it in a way actually to engage his audience. He also was able to hone into his ideal audience avatar to help his content be more relatable. 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re an expert at your craft but feel overwhelmed when it comes to branding, business, and your marketing. 
  • You’ve got a few clients here and there but don’t know how to take your business to the next level and get your ideal client through content and social media. 
  • You know you need to create compelling content that resonates with your audience but don’t know where to start, what to say, or how to share your message confidently — without getting sweaty palms and stammering all over the place. 
  • ​You got into business to help people but can’t seem to crack the content code to position yourself as an expert, to stand out from the crowd, and to communicate the incredible value you know you provide.
  • ​You want the time and freedom that comes from having a winning coaching business, whether that means the ability to work from home, choose your own hours, or travel the world. 
Do the statements above describe you? If so, The Content Cure is the perfect solution for you. 

How Does The Content Cure Work?

A Proven Process For incredible content

No more guesswork and sweaty palms when you create your content. Simply follow the course blueprint, work hard, ask all your questions, and watch as you begin to CONFIDENTLY create content that converts. 


The Content Cure has 6 detailed course modules spread out weekly so you have time to learn, test, and implement what you learn before moving to the next module.


When you join The Content Cure, you’ll be given lifetime access to the course and all the accompanying resources. Even after your 6-weeks are up, you can come back and review what you’ve learned.


The Content Cure offers true accountability. We don’t believe in signing up for a course and then ghosting out. 
Instead, we want you to win — which is why we hold weekly Q&A as well as coaching calls (coaching happens on Monday evenings at 6 pm MST and Q&A calls are on Thursdays at Noon MST). 
And is also why you have access to daily support in the community Slack channel and why you have your own intimate group of team members learning alongside you.


The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely at times but when you’re in The Content Cure, you’re no longer alone. We have a loving and supportive community of like-minded coaches, all learning and growing together in this mastermind-style program. Get ready to be inspired, held accountable, make friends, and win in your coaching business, together. 

The Content Cure Course Curriculum 

Module 1:  Program Your Mind for Confidence and Success

Did you know that success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics? Even if you’re a mindset guru, you’ll be shocked at internal programming limited beliefs that are keeping you from confidently creating content and being seen as the amazing coach you are. In this module, we’ll dive into the perfectionism, behavioral habits, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your most confident self and preventing you from reaching your goals. And we’ll teach you the tools to re-wire your brain to think and ACT like the confident coach and content creator you’re meant to be. 

Module 2:  Find Your Ideal Audience and Define Your Message

In this module, you’ll learn how to find your ideal audience and know them better than they know themselves. You’ll discover how to position yourself as the authority in your niche — and how to find your niche if you haven’t already. And we’ll show you how to define and craft your message in a way that cuts through the online clutter and sets you up for success as a leader in your market, regardless of how many followers you have or how long you’ve been in business.

Module 3:  Unlock Your Best Content Pillars, Topics, and Channels

Learn how to brainstorm, create, and publish the best content to effortlessly attract your ideal clients and schedule more sales calls while building meaningful conversations with potential clients. Uncover which channels you should be on to connect with your audience and to embrace your content creation zone of genius. Get ready to transition your online presence from chaotic and confusing to clear, compelling, and impactful. 

Module 4:  Build Your Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Your audience has to know you, like you, and trust you before they will purchase your signature coaching program. In this module, we’ll dive deep into the content creation and posting strategies you’ll need to align with your content pillars and audience — to quickly scale your know, like, and trust factor for audience growth, engagement, and increased sales.

Module 5:  Get Traffic, Leads, and Clients — and Know What to Do With Them

Module 5 is all about the system to grow your traffic, leads, and clients (TLC). You’ll learn the system needed to drive traffic to your landing page, how to attract leads (your ideal audience), and how to turn them into clients with a script for sales calls. You’ll also learn how to take your TLC and scale the process for rapid growth and automation.

Module 6:  Personal Management And What To Expect Next

You’ve got the brand, the engaging content, the TLC process, what’s next? In this final module, we’ll share proven tools and systems to help you take all you’ve learned and maintain it consistently. You’ll learn how to manage your energy, emotions, time, and online business in a way that is scalable and repeatable so you can stay organized and grow your coaching business quickly. You’ll learn what sets successful coaches and REAL entrepreneurs apart while putting the personal management systems in place that work for you to experience epic success and exponential growth. 

PLUS, Get 3 Bonus Trainings Included 

Bonus 1:  Content Cure and Coaching Success Blueprint

Learn how to make the most of your 6-weeks in The Content Cure and how to get results faster. In this bonus training, we’ll break down what helps coaches stand out from a saturated market and how to grow into a successful coaching business quickly. You’ll understand the steps needed to be successful and know what to focus on in your business to help it grow.

Bonus 2:  Create a Memorable Brand and Build Your Offer

Having a consistent and memorable brand has been proven to increase business revenue by 23% and in this module, you’ll learn how to create a brand that resonates with your audience and is an authentic representation of you. From there, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a signature offer that provides incredible results to your clients while allowing you to attract high-paying clients and charge more while changing lives. 

Bonus 3:  Confidence and Charisma on Camera

Whether you’re going live, filming for Youtube, meeting with a client over Zoom, or creating a TikTok or Instagram Reel video, in this bonus training you’ll learn key tricks like body language, eye contact, scripting, and more to build your confidence and charisma on camera. 

The Content Cure Is More Than Just Another Course. 

Most other business courses...

  • Wait until you sign up and then abandon you to fend for yourself without any accountability or way to ask questions. 
  • Unload a bunch of information on you and hope for the best.
  • Are created by coaches without any idea how to scale and market a business through content marketing. 
  • ​Encourage you to have a complex website or spend a ton of money on ads before you have a solid offer. 
  • ​Avoid having any interaction with you as a member of their program. 
  • ​Don’t teach you the MINDSET and CONFIDENCE-building tools you need to actually be successful. 
  • ​Only care about the revenue you’re bridging them, not your business owner and brand wellbeing. 
  • ​Don’t have a system in place to guide you to a true cure for your content and to create a winning coaching business. 

The Content Cure…

  • Supports you with an intimate accountability group, live coaching each week, weekly Q&A calls, and daily support.
  • Ensures you know the action steps you need to take as well as HOW to implement them into your business and life. 
  • Provides you with proven systems, strategies, and structure to help you achieve your goals and cure your content headaches.
  • ​Cares about you as a person and ensures you have interaction as a member of this program.
  • ​Is created by people who have scaled and lead marketing initiatives with MASSIVE results via content marketing only
  • ​Teaches you how to confidently create content that converts while ensure you have the system and tools in place to scale your business
  • ​Cares deeply about your inner wellbeing and mindset to have a content transformation that is sustainable and sticks as you create with confidence
  • ​Wants you to succeed.

By The End Of The Content Cure, You Will:

  • Know how to attract high-paying clients who love your content and what you post on social media.
  • Know exactly how to share your expertise and share provide deep value to your ideal clients. 
  • Confidently understand how to communicate your value and your message to your ideal potential customer.
  • ​Be able to talk about and sell your coaching services authentically and with confidence.
  • ​Finally, stop procrastinating and see true results in your business.
  • ​Create content that attracts your audience and helps them want to buy from you.
  • ​Easily be able to share your mission and get paid without fear of rejection
  • ​Help more people and have referrals and testimonials pour in
  • ​Understand how to solve content roadblocks within your business, and have a full community to support you as you achieve your goals.
  • ​Have a content system in place to become the expert in your niche, to strengthen your brand presence, and to expand your influence as a coach.
  • ​Become THE expert in your niche, have a recognizable brand, leave a lasting impact through your business and online

Watch as Janelle and Lawana share their experience and results with the Content Cure.

Meet Your Content Cure Coach

Hello there! I’m Taylor Proctor and I mentor coaches like you to create winning businesses using brand psychology & content marketing.
For over a decade, I've led successful marketing teams and departments across multiple languages and global locations — growing the departments by upwards of 200% and overshooting predicted GP by 93%. I've built internal marketing teams from the ground up and have even worked with international and well-known brands such as Google, Waze, Stanford School of Medicine, Johnson&Johnson, and more.
In addition to that, I’ve run my own coaching business which excelled with just two core marketing tactics: branding and content. With just these two tactics, shared on social media, I’ve connected with clients from all over the world, have been featured as an expert guest on over 50 podcasts, internet shows, and events, and been ranked as the top happiness podcast to listen to internationally two years running. 
And with that said, taking into account my corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I've come to realize that a business’s marketing success depends on two key, foundational components: your brand and content.
These two ingredients to success are the foundation for all other marketing — allowing you to connect with your ideal audience to build followers, grow raving fans and clients, and skyrocket your sales.
Now, it’s not as easy as a good logo and a few blog posts. A brand is your visual identity, how you make your customers feel, the colors you’re associated with, your message and mission, and so much more. Good content is about empathetically answering your audience's pain points, being an authority, and helping them transform their life.
And that’s why I created The Content Cure. 
This program is the signature methodology that has allowed me to build numerous marketing departments from the ground up, experience massive sales with ideal clients, and connect with a global audience — both in the corporate world and my coaching business.
You can have the best services and be an expert coach in your subject but unless you know how to stand out online, connect with your ideal audience, confidently be seen, and get clients, it’s impossible to make the income and impact you know you’re capable of. 
I’m excited to work together and dive into brand, content, etc. to ensure you have the abundant business of your dreams and a life of happiness abound.
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